DAY 20 - Brown Mustard Seed

neil bougourd | 21 December, 2021

            DAY 20 - Brown Mustard Seed

There are three types of MUSTARD seed: yellow, black, and brown. YELLOW MUSTARD seed, native to Canada, is the hottest of the seeds. English and French hot mustards are made primarily of yellow seeds. Mustard is used in pickling spice, marinades for meat and fish and adds a wonderful flavour to fish cakes. They are also used to make mustard! 

Dijon style Mustard

 ½ Cup. Soaked brown mustard seed

1 Tbsp Banyuls vinegar

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tsp. sugar

½ Tsp. Kosher salt

¼ Tsp Garlic powder

Soak brown mustard seeds in cold water for minimum of 24hr.s. the longer you let them soak the hotter they will become. To stop heat increase add your acid at desired time.

Add all ingredients to your non-reactive bowl or jar. Using had blender or mortar and pestle blend mustard till desires consistency is achieved.

Cover with cling wrap and let rest for 24hr.s at room temperature this will allow the mustard to smooth out the sharp bitterness. Taste after resting and re-season if needed.

Place in jar and refrigerate.