DAY 22 - Onion Flakes

neil bougourd | 23 December, 2021

            DAY 22 - Onion Flakes

Onions are ubiquitous in daily cuisine, and the reason why is that they add so - much - flavour. Instead of putting them in a flavour category ( sweet-heat-salty-bitter-sour) they are an aromatic.

Aromatics are vegetables that deliver deep, rounded flavour and aroma when heated or crushed.

High concentrations of allyl sulfides in onions do double duty fighting heart disease and cancer. Onions are a source of inulin (for a healthy gut), and a good source of vitamin C, fiber and manganese. Enjoy sweet onions raw in salads and the pungent ones in stews, sauces or roasted.* ( read article here)

These delicious flakes can be used on pretty much anything: rice, vegetables, on top of soup, mixed with sour cream for a dip...