The NUTMEG tree is a native of the Banda Islands, a cluster of small volcanic islands historically known as the Spice Islands and now part of the province of Molucca in Indonesia. Nutmeg isn't really a nut, but the kernel of an apricot-like fruit. It has a sweet, pungent aroma.

SUGGESTED USES:  NUTMEG is used in cooking as a freshly grated topping. It is wonderful on fruit, oatmeal, whipped cream, and green vegetables, notably brussels sprouts and spinach. It is also wonderful as an addition to a pasta sauce, or in baking.

We recommend that you buy whole Nutmeg, as it contains a lot of volatile oils which are lost when ground. Whole nutmegs will last up to 3 years when stored correctly (in an airtight/opaque container).

RECIPES:     Jerk Ketchup     Persian  Spice Blend    Steamed Green Beans with Freshly Grated Nutmeg    Cassava Pie (Bermuda)     Sprouts with bacon and nutmeg 

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Net Weight - Whole 45g /Ground 60g