DAY 6 - Aleppo Pepper

neil bougourd | 06 December, 2021

            DAY 6 - Aleppo Pepper

ALEPPO PEPPER is a red pepper from Turkey. It is named after the town of Aleppo in Syria. It has a nice mild heat and a full, rich, fruity flavour - similar to that of an ancho chili but with slightly more heat.

ALEPPO PEPPER is used in Middle Eastern cooking (soups, salads, fish and kebabs). This chili has enough tomato fruitiness to be used in place of chili flakes in Italian cooking.

Here is a simple but deeelicious recipe.

Steamed green beans with Aleppo Pepper & Smoked Olive Oil

This is an easy side dish  or afternoon snack that is crisp, fruity, spicy, and smokey. 

1 lb of green beans, 1/4 tsp aleppo pepper, pinch of maldon salt, and 2 tbsp of smoked olive oil.

Prepare your beans by cutting off the ends. Steam green beans about 5 minutes.

Once you place them in a bowl add the aleppo pepper, salt, and olive oil. 

If you want more heat, then you can add more aleppo or black pepper.