Roast Chicken

Allison Johnston | 14 March, 2020

            Roast Chicken

This is a weekly staple at our house. You can then make chicken stock and freeze, or use. You can also freeze the chicken carcass and make stock when you have time!


1 whole chicken (2-3 lbs)

salt ( kosher) and pepper

NB - you can always sprinkle dried herbs, or add a lemon to the cavity, or  you can do the very, simple recipe above. You can also place root vegetables underneath the chicken and make it  a one pot meal.


Pre heat the oven to 450º

Wash and dry the chicken. Sprinkle the cavity and the skin generously with salt.  Place the chicken in the heated oven for around an hour. 

How do I know if it is done:

Slice the skin between the leg and the breast and peek at the juices. If they’re clear, the chicken is likely done.

If you have a thermometer check for a temperature of 160º - 165º.

Let the bird rest for 15 minutes before carving.

TIP- use the leftover meat to make sandwiches, or in the SINGAPORE NOODLE RECIPE