Autumn Pumpkin Pie November 14 2016, 0 Comments

Autumn Pumpkin Pie is always a delicious dessert for any dinner this fall! Enjoyable for everyone at the table.

1 pie serves 8 people.


2 pie crusts

2 ½ cups of pumpkin purée

1 tsp of Mixed Spice

2 cups of whipping cream

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

2 cups brown sugar



Pre bake the pie crusts with pastry weights and parchment paper (or as instructed on the box ) for 10 minutes in a pre heated 400º oven.

Remove the paper and weights.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs together with the sugar.

Mix in the pumpkin purée, Mixed Spice, and 1 cup of the cream.

Blend everything together.

Pour the pumpkin mix into the pie shells and lower the temperature to 350º.

Bake for 1 hour and then set aside to cool.

Whip the remaining 1 cup of cream to serve with the pie.