Homemade Granola with Apricots and Walnuts

Allison Johnston | 07 May, 2020 | 2 Comments

            Homemade Granola with Apricots and Walnuts

Serves 4


3 cups rolled oats

½ cup olive oil ( coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil...) 

½ cup honey or maple syrup

¼ tsp Saigon cinnamon or Baking Spice

1 tsp salt

½ cup chopped dried apricot (optional)

½ cup walnuts (optional)


preheat 350º

Stir everything together except the dried fruit. Add the fruit after baking.

Put on a baking pan and bake for 20 minutes, stir and  bake for another 20 minutes.

If you want more clumps, then after the half way mark pat down the granola with a spatula. Let you granola sit for 20 minutes or more before serving. It gives it a chance to crisp up.

Serve with yogurt and berries.

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15 November, 2021

W. Morgan

neutral oil, always

any sweetener will do – try agave or brown sugar
add more dried fruit, nuts and seeds
add vanilla, try cardimium, cocoa powder (play with it)

the basics of this are simple and very forgiving as you play towards a healthy version you like.

27 May, 2020

viv frenkel

what kinds of oils can one use ? canola? olive? avocado? etc.

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