Making Vanilla Sugar & Vanilla Extract

Allison Johnston | 23 March, 2020

            Making Vanilla Sugar & Vanilla Extract

How to make use of your vanilla beans?

Here are 2 very easy recipes

Vanilla Extract

5-6 vanilla beans ( 13 cm long)

1 cup ( 8oz) of either vodka (80 proof), rum, bourbon, or even brandy.

1 8oz jar with a tight lid (washed with hot water and dried)

Slice the beans to expose their insides, and cut them smaller if they don't fit in the jar. Cover them with the alcohol and shake. Keep it  in a dark cupboard and shake every week.

The extract should be ready to use in 8 week, but if you can leave it longer it will continue to improve. You may top it up with new vodka ( or other liquid) as you use it. 

Vanilla Sugar

After you have used a bean for infusing in cream or milk, you can place it in a jar filled with 1/2 lb of sugar and let it sit and infuse.