Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Almond Dipping Sauce

Allison Johnston | 09 June, 2020

            Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Almond Dipping Sauce

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

4 people


16 Round pieces of Rice Paper 

2 Carrots - julienned

1/2 Cucumber - julienned

8 Butter lettuce leaves cut in half

1 cup Mint, Cilantro, Green Onions mixed together

1 cup Red Cabbage shredded

1/4 pack of Rice Noodles - follow cooking directions

* 2 Tbsp Black Sesame seeds - optional

* Hot sauce  - optional. I like the Jalapeno for fresh green heat.


Boil water.

Get a large bowl and fill with boiling water for rice paper rolls.

Soak the round rice paper rolls in the bowl until they are translucent  (5 seconds)- we do one at a time and let people make their own rolls. Lay them out flat, and place some lettuce in the middle, then place some of everything on top of the lettuce. Fold the side of the roll closest to you over the ingredients. Then fold the left side over and roll it towards the right side. Once the spring roll is rolled, fold over the top to seal it.

Dipping Sauce

2 cloves of finely chopped garlic

1/2 cup crunchy almond butter

2 Tbsp rice vinegar

2 Tbsp gluten free tamari/soy sauce

2 Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil

Mix everything together and slowly blend in to a dipping sauce.

NB - the dipping sauce can be used IN the rolls and not just for dipping. You can always included tofu, shrimp, chicken or any other protein if you choose.