Pasta with a Bacon and Mushroom Cream Sauce. October 24 2020, 0 Comments

An easy pasta that is creamy, smoky, rich and so, so tasty! If you want it to be vegetarian, then use smoked paprika to add a smoky flavour that balances the creamy, and earthy flavours of the cream and mushroom.

Chicken Stock October 18 2020, 0 Comments

Easy, simple and infinitely useful. You can use this stock to make soups, or stews, or risotto. You can freeze it for later, or boil it down to make bone broth.

Super Simple Rose Vanilla Pudding! October 10 2020, 0 Comments

This pudding can be made with other extracts: orange extract, lemon extract & different sugars: cardamom sugar, or lavender sugar. 

Imagine orange cardamom pudding or lemon lavender pudding! Yum.

Butterflied Chicken with Traditional Stuffing October 05 2020, 0 Comments

Chicken instead of Turkey is a great Thanksgiving option! Add some bread stuffing and dinner is almost done. This is a very, slightly modified version of an LCBO recipe.

Turkey en Croute October 04 2020, 0 Comments

If you want to have all the flavours of Thanksgiving, but don't want to cook the whole bird, then here is  a fabulous recipe!

Pork Stuffed Hierloom Apples October 01 2020, 0 Comments

I used ground turkey instead of pork and it was delicious. Such an easy and impressive dish. Yummy fall flavours.

Cumin Aioli September 19 2020, 0 Comments

Aioli is a great condiment for many dishes. In this recipe , the addition of cumin adds more flavour to the original aioli.

Lemon Pepper Roasted Chicken Breasts September 19 2020, 0 Comments

Such an easy tasty meal. Make extra for the next day's lunch. The lemon pepper is a tart, slightly warming spice that dressed up a chicken breast with tang!

Lime Charlotte September 16 2020, 0 Comments

This recipe is from a Jennifer Bain column from the Toronto Star. My daughter's name is Charlotte and so we had to try it. Deelicious.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi September 07 2020, 0 Comments

So fun to do with the whole family! This can be made with different flours and different sauces to change it up! Easy and delicious.